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Provide Early Education for 75 underprivileged children

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Freedom for You has been running a Child Learning Center (CLC) named ‘Bal Niketan Vidyalay’ in the slum area in Rabale, Navi Mumbai, since 2014. It is said that a child’s brain develops most rapidly between the ages 0 to 5, and that is why we provide early education to those need it but cannot afford it.

We target children of rag pickers/daily-wage laborers between ages 2 to 5. The parents of these children barely have the means to feed their children, much less bear their education expenses.

We follow scientific methods to improve speaking, reading, cognitive & basic counting skills in the form of edutainment. The CLC provides mid-day meal, one-set of uniform and shoes to all children. There is also an additional room with play equipment and educational aids.
Any contribution from you can create a long-lasting ripple effect on these economically backward communities as their children get the required foundation to enter formal schools and thereby take charge of their own destiny.

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