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Pushpa Aman
CEO & Founder – Guidestar India

“On Sun, Oct 8 I was in a remote place beyond Pune with low mobile coverage (just two-fifths of signal strength on my Vodafone). I was eagerly waiting for the GivNow live concert by Sanjeevani just to experience what it would be like to attend a virtual charity concert. I was impressed with the audio-visual quality, inspite of the poor signal strength on my mobile phone! I could not believe that it was truly live! I exchanged WhatsApp messages with Sanjay, while the concert was on, about a suggested announcement and could not believe my eyes when I watched  him making an announcement within a few minutes after my message! I also liked the way the artiste was appealing for donations and she appeared to be truly engaged in her act of giving! I was also thrilled to see my donation and other donations adding up, only wish it could have been more.

I am brimming with ideas to make these concerts more appealing, say with NGO leaders in the studio sharing anecdotes, scrolling of live tweets, taking up live requests, etc. We would love to promote this among NGOs in a big way. Also suggest for an option for donors to stay anonymous or type a nick name while making a donation. Look forward to the next GivNow Live concert. “

Dr. Ravi S Kumar, CEO & Managing Trustee, Freedom For You Foundation thanks GivNow and GivNow Live platforms for the fund raising benefits he gained during DaanUtsav.

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