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Prayas is an atypical NGO, working with the sole agenda of “Helping individuals & organizations to find out their own agenda of life as Change Makers of self & others”. For this we are working in social sectors like health, education, livelihood, environment, rural development, child & youth welfare, disability etc. all over the Maharashtra state. We could evolve few innovative approaches & success stories by social R & D. We are working towards reinstating the “WHY”, which is missing in our day to day living & is the main cause behind most of our today’s issues.
“Motivation” is our key Principle, “Life Time Relationship on Equal Footings” is main value. We also act as a bridge between both ends of society, who are having problems, either due to scarcity or excess. We work for developing the “GIVING” attitude with Gratitude.
Our catalytic role as a facilitator & igniters helped in solving some social issues by building up people’s initiative. We also work for creating awareness regarding healthy & meaningful life reaching out to 4500 schools-colleges, 6 Lacs students & teachers. We could develop a very good Informal network of the socially inclined individuals & organizations. We have been Mentoring & giving Handholding support to many potential change makers & Social Start-ups. We need 20 Lacs Rs. Annually for our activities to innovate, to experiment, give training-exposure & handholding support. Pl. contribute for our cause.

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