Help 500 persons with disabilities achieve a sustainable livelihood and social independence

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People with disabilities have equal rights to be included in every sect of development and social platforms but remain marginalized and excluded. Aaina has facilitated formation of 250 SHGs of persons with disabilities in the state of Odisha, out of which at least 60 SHGs require to be capacitated. The members have potential to grow but lack social impetus. They are more focused on individual financial gain and refraining to see the social issues affecting them as a whole. This attitude is limiting their potential to form an empowered single unit. Also the members lack knowledge on local resource utilizations, current demand and mechanisms to link with existing cooperatives to save on commission paid to marketers. Following steps need to be taken to strengthen the groups

  • Development of social responsibility among leaders and members
  • Development of leadership skills with special focus on women with disabilities
  • Training on micro level planning related to livelihood
  • Advocacy training

Your financial contribution will facilitate taking these steps and in sustainability of 60 SHGs meaning economic and social independence and dignified life of 500 people with disabilities.

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