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Diabetes cure and prevention for underprivileged senior citizens

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Social Impact Development Foundation (SIDF) has been conducting awareness programs on various health issues- from breast cancer, diabetes, hygiene, cholesterol, eye camps etc to distribution of mobility devices, blankets and other support to the poor. SIDF is now supporting senior citizens living in slums either alone or with families who suffer from diabetes and cannot afford diabetes medicines or the money to visit doctors to keep themselves healthy. We have doctors who conduct visits on monthly basis and prescribe medicines as required and thereby helping them live a healthy life. We currently have 120 beneficiaries who benefit from our support. We would like to increase this number tenfold with your support.

SIDF is and will be conducting replicable awareness camps on diabetes prevention and diagnosis

At the minimum, the cost can be brought down as under:
Doctor Consultation Charges – Rs. 700-1,000
Insulin – Rs. 500
Lab tests- Rs 500
Medicines – Rs. 1,300
Total cost – Rs. 3,000- 3300
Helping Hands are better than Praying Lips ™

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