Celebrating resilience and enterprise: Women’s Day

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Over the last two years, Women’s day has always been a special day of celebration at Sai Baba Path Mumbai Public School. This is the day we celebrate the mothers of our students. Most of them are engaged in different livelihood activities which help in supporting their family and children’s education. At the same time, many of our mothers are talented at creating and designing products, cooking different cuisines, mehendi designing, Rangoli making etc.

Through our event, scheduled for 9th March 2018, we will try building capacity for the women through interaction with multiple stakeholders, who can help these women kick-off their entrepreneurial journey. The women will be provided an opportunity to display any products in 100 to 120 stalls without any charges. There would also be competitions arranged for the women to participate in two main categories; Stage performances and Creative Expression. Expected footfall is 700 women.
Additionally, to engage and motivate the community, there will be lucky draw competitions with utility goods as prizes for participants. Prizes comprise of refrigerator, kitchen vessels, mixer grinder, pressure cooker, washing machine etc. Cost will be incurred for music system, renting of tables and chairs and buying Rangoli materials.

This day is going to be special for women who may not even be celebrating their own birthdays.

We are looking forward to make this a lively and meaningful day for the women in the communities from where our students come. Please sponsor this event in part of full and hep make this endeavor a success!