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GivNow is the social enterprise division of Benow(www.benow.in)  a digital payments start-up incubated by Mastek a leading global software solutions company. Benow is a payments plus platform servicing offline merchants, modern retail, home business and NGOs. We also partner with the Government to digitally enable merchants across India on BHIM UPI payments.

Benow is India’s leading independent acquirer of offline merchants for digital payments with BHIM and UPI. Over 25,000 merchants use the Benow platform across India and we are adding merchants on a rapid pace on our platform.

We are leveraging our payments plus platform created at Benow for the social sector through GivNow.


GiviNow aims to grow retail giving in India by leveraging technology and digital payment platforms and tools built by Benow (www.benow.in)

GivNow for NGOs

GivNow for NGOs is a cost effective and easy to use integrated fundraiser campaigns platform and donation page on website tool. We partner with corporates for matching grants and employee engagement through giving.

GivNow for Corporates

We provide a zero cost platform for Corporates for employee engagement through giving with social sector. Through the platform organizations can track individual employee giving.

GivNow for Individual Donors

GivNow provides a choice of NGOs and easy to use digital payment link.

Why GivNow?

GivNow brings in the expertise of Technology, Payments and Corporate Social connect together for the benefit of social sector. Also as we are leveraging the Benow platform we are able to extend the benefit of shared cost to GivNow.

The GivNow giving platform is Intutive and simple to use and covers all features such as Campaign creation and tracking, Auto 80 G , Reports , Social Media Share needed by NGOs / Corporates.

Founders of GivNow

Sudhakar Ram – Founder Benow , Co Founder ,Vice Chairman and MD Mastek

Sanjay Mudnaney – Co Founder Benow , Co Founder and trustee Mastek Foundation